The Newport Beach-Okazaki Sister Cities Relationship

The relationship between Newport Beach and the Japanese city of Okazaki is one of the closest and most enduring of the Twin City alliances that the US shares with Japan. It is a relationship that has contributed to very close understanding between the two cities and indeed between the two nations that have enjoyed excellent diplomatic, cultural and economic relations for the past 70 years.

The Sister City relationship between Newport Beach and Okazaki began in 1984 when a former Newport Beach mayor visiting Okazaki had expressed her fervent wish to form Sister City alliance with Okazaki.  A commission in Okazaki soon advised that the alliance should be established between these two cities.  After the approval of relationship by the Okazaki city council, a delegation from Okazaki was sent in 1984 and thus began the enduring and productive alliance between these two great cities.

Current relations between the two cities now is increasing in excitement as the two areas find that they have more and more in common with each other. Advances in technology have meant an easier way for each city to communicate over the past 20 years. Both have many projects that can share specialists across the two cities. This helps both form an endearing partnership that mutually benefits the things that each are working on.

One of the most popular ways that the two cities share ideas and learn about each other’s cultures is through the Rotary International Student Exchange Program. This gives young people of high school age, the opportunity to immerse themselves in a totally foreign culture. Each teenager’s family helps raise funds for their trip as well a supporting them while they are away. Okazaki is the polar opposite of culture in comparison to Newport Beach. Students from both cities learn so much about family and societal culture in their year away, that it shapes their view of the greater world for life.