Rotary Student Exchange Okazaki

The Rotary International Club of Newport Balboa has been active for over 30 years in assisting the Newport Beach Sister City Association with it’s international exchange students. Each year, along with our long term exchange students, we also arrange short, one week exchanges.

This exchange involves year eight students who swap homes between Okazaki, Japan and Newport Beach, USA. This gives our young students a great introduction to each other’s culture and what family expectations are in different cultures. This occurs every year, usually in July and October. The rotary club does everything they can to help support the local families in the exchange. This can be any type of financial support, but usually is just help for local expenses during the exchange week. This financial help is done via interviewing the students and their family to ascertain the level of need required.

Whilst on the week of exchange, the students swap schools for the week to really engage in life in another culture. Quite often they have very different experiences as a part of this. It is often a great lead up to a year long exchange, as it can give the students a taste of what to expect from the family, the school and the community.