Newport Beach Information

Newport Beach is a developed city in the Orange County, California where tourists and settlers alike would spend a fantastic time. It is located about 16 km south of populous country seat Santa Ana, and was incorporated in 1906. This coastal paradise is a scenic place filled with amenities and accommodations that are sure to make your stay extraordinary.

One of the highly acclaimed attributes the city has is its booming economy. Household income and property values ranked high among others on a national level. A study even showed that more than 25% of the households have an income more than $200,000 and homes have a median value of greater than $1 million. It hosts many companies like Pacific Life, Acacia Research, Galardi Group and Jazz Semiconductor, and provides local residents with high paying jobs.


The tourism of the state has also been highly praised. Tourists have a myriad of things they can do at Newport, whether it be for families, couples or a solitary trip. The whole place is littered with luxury hotels, live entertainments, and first-class restaurants where visitors can enjoy hanging out. Outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, surfing, and sailing can also be convenient for adventurous tourists. One can shop at luxury shops and home furniture stores like patio d├ęcor, bamboo sheets for your bedroom, and kitchen appliances.

Truly this is a city where you could create lasting memories that leave you desiring to return to.


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