My Favorite Japanese Dish

A special post written by Harry Connor one of our short term exchange students

Most people in the USA have never heard of my favorite Japanese dish Okonomiyaki.


It is a┬áJapanese pancake but made savory not sweet. It is usually made with seafood or some form of meat. The meat I liked best was pork mince. Inside the pancake is obviously the meat, plus scallions and pickled ginger, plus a few other things I couldn’t figure out. The batter is then cooked up just like a sweet pancake on a flat grill until it is brown on both sides. The best part of okonomiyaki is the sauce and Kewpie mayo.

The Kewpie Tag Line: "Love around the kitchen table"

The Kewpie Tag Line: “Love around the kitchen table”

So the sauce is a spicy, but not hot, deep red sauce. I have no idea what is in it, but it is like barbecue sauce on steroids. The flavor combined with the pancake is ‘da bomb. Add Kewpie to that and you have yourself one heck of a pancake. I was trying to find a recipe before I left Japan, but couldn’t. It was served in a lot of the local restaurants and street markets. I can’t wait to find out if somewhere locally here in Newport Beach makes it, though I am sure it won’t be the same as the real deal in Japan.