Fostering Relationships Between Japan and the USA

The two cities have vastly different backgrounds yet not so different today as modern cities. One is an American city incorporated at the dawn of the 20th century while the other is an ancient Japanese city with roots in Japan’s glorious Shogunate. These differences have created opportunities to foster understanding between Japanese culture and American culture. Here is a brief look at these two cities:

Newport Beach

Situated in the California’s Orange Country, it is a highly developed American city with very high standards of living. The population of Newport Beach is 85,990 and the city is situated directly on the US’s Pacific Coast.  The city is situated only 16km from the populous Santa Ana in California.

It is a scenic coastal paradise with numerous amenities and services including great accommodation, financial services industry, and a generally booming economy.  It is a fairly wealthy city with 25% of its households having an income of more than $200,000.  Many major companies have headquarters in Newport Beach including Pacific Life, the Acacia Research, the Jazz Semiconductor and the Galardi Group amongst others.  Newton Beach has a well developed R&D, biotechnology and even aerospace industry.

The city not only has a booming economy but also a booming tourism sector.  There are myriad attractions that tourists can take part in here such as surfing, cycling, hiking and even sailing.  Many of its activities and attractions are based on its Pacific coastline. You can also experience some fine dining here.


Okazaki is situated some 200 miles to the West of Tokyo in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture.  The city is situated in the Mikawa province in the Aichi Prefecture.  The place is best renowned as the birthplace of Japan’s first Shogun, Ieyasu Tokugawa.

Today the city is known for its industrial heritage and hosts numerous industrial enterprises and many other craft industries.  Some of the Okazaki industries produce stonework, fireworks, automobiles, textiles and chemicals amongst others. It is in a way a quintessential Japanese city with its rich old heritage and a modern industrial base.  The city has a population of 375,321as of 2014.  The city of Okazaki is situated in the coastal plains of Aichi in a hilly and heavy forested region.  Some of the most common city attractions include the Okazaki Castle constructed in 1455, its famous fireworks, its dark miso paste and the great temple of Takisan-ji which was constructed in the 7th century.

Newport Beach-Okazaki Twin City Alliance Exchange Programs and Community Groups

Since the inception of the Newport Beach-Okazaki twin city alliance, the two cities have been involved in various exchange programs. These include the following:-

  • Student Exchange Programs between the two cities with the fundraisers organized by the Newport-Balbao Rotary Club.
  • Sister City Alliance anniversary celebrations
  • Delegation visits and exchanges between the two cities